Thursday, 12 September 2013

GTA V Viral Site Parodies Facebook

A Grand Theft Auto V spoof social network has arisen. Called Lifeinvader, it includes profiles for characters and brands from the Grand Theft Auto universe.


It's not exactly difficult to figure out the target of this spoof. The tagline at the top changes depending on which profile you're looking at - my favourite is Lifeinvader: Where Your Personal Information Becomes A Marketing Profile (That We Can Sell).

Grand Theft Auto V has a full in-game internet, so it would be reasonable to deduce that this will be a part of it. Sign into Rockstar Social Club and you can "stalk" profiles.

Less than a week to go before GTA V's release on Tuesday 17th. Check back on Monday for the IGN review.

Source : ign[dot]com

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