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AU: Win with Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon!

To celebrate the release of Ubisoft's totally insane, '80s-saturated Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon, we're giving away a major prize-pack of a double-pass to Vivid Sydney's Heritage Orchestra Music from Blade Runner performance, plus a digital copy of the game and other sweet stuff. We've also got a digital copy of the game for ten runners up.

To go in the draw to win, simply send your answers to the question below to outreach@ign.com under the subject line 'Blood Dragon Competition' with your full name, platform preference and postal address included:

What's your favourite '80s action or sci-fi movie, and why?

Those with the most creative answers will win a copy of the game on PS3, 360 or PC. Please don't forget to include your platform preference! This competition is available to Australian residents only. One answer per person, please, and feel free to use imagery alongside your entry.

Competition closes Monday, 6 May.

Major Prize Pack: 

2x Tix to Blade Runner Heritage Orchestra

1x copy of Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon

1x iTunes code for soundtrack

1x poster

1x trading cards

1x USB stick

Runner Up Prize (10 to be won):

1x copy of Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon

1x trading cards

1x USB stick



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Daily Fix Headlines for April 30, 2013

We’ve paid attention since the beginning, Rockstar, and now you’ve blown our minds with three amazing new trailers (and phenomenal music)! How can we ever repay you? That’s right, Rockstar has done it again - links to the trailers down below. Oh and are you ready to get playful with some Ghosts? Because Activision seems to think you are. Finally, BioShock Infinite DLC may come packin’…a new companion. Watch the Fix to see me wearing nothing but blue because clearly my goal here was to resemble something out of an Eiffel 65 music video.

Here are the stories we covered in today’s Fix:

Rockstar Games has unleashed three of their most gameplay-filled, cinematic trailers for Grand Theft Auto V yet. They are full of character goodness and waiting for your intake.

The rumored Call Of Duty: Ghosts game is no longer a rumor. A new promotional poster and confirmed release date might be to blame.

The first DLC for BioShock Infinite may have you playing alongside a new AI companion. Where did this speculation begin? Click the link to find out and tell us who you’d like to see be your new partner in crime.

IGN Daily Roundup

Need more to satisfy your video game informational needs? Here's a quick list of things you might also find interesting.

Grand Theft Auto V Trailers

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LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Sneak Peek

Naomi Kyle is IGN's news host and on-camera personality. You can find her every day on The Daily Fix, kicking ass and taking names. You can follow her on Twitter @NaomiKyle.

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Wrestling Wrap Up: John Cena Injured

So Cena had himself a heel turn after all. Hahahahahahahaha...ha..ha...I know. Sorry. That joke's been made 2,376 times in the past two days. Even by Cena himself. And even according to him, my Wrap Up headline would be wrong since he made a point last night on RAW to say he was "hurt" not "injured."

WWE reported this story on Sunday and the mere fact that they reported it, even questioning whether or not Cena would be able to face Ryback at Extreme Rules in their own article, set the internet into a tizzy. Was this real? Was Cena really hurt or was this a new element to the story thrown in last minute to try and garner some interest for a match that not many are interested in?

Not that the WWE hasn't reported on their own guys' injuries, but they've also totally made s*** up. True, they haven't done it in a while, but it still tingles every now and again. Still aches. Like an old war wound when it rains. And since they made it a huge point to get out ahead of this story, it all feels a little out of proportion. I don't doubt Cena hurt himself, but the call was made to immediately integrate this "hurtness" into the angle instead of calling off the match. And now Cena will look super-dee-duper strong when he beats Ryback as an "underdog."

So last night on RAW, they officially announced that Cena had mucked up his Achilles tendon (inevitable damage from wrestling in tennis shoes and Keds for a decade?) and that meant that the WWE could show us the picture of their own news piece from their web site. And I love it when WWE.com is treated like some outside news source that somehow, some way, lands big, exclusive scoops from the WWE. What intrepid journalism! Types the guy who comes up with new Mark Henry song lyrics. Look, I can do it to other wrestlers too. "I hear voices in my head, the come to tea, they eat my bread. They come to teeaaaa!"

Speaking of injuries, The Rock tweeted, during one of those #RockTalk Q&A twitter sessions, where he comes down from the burning bush on the mountain top to speak directly to the unwashed, that his match with Cena at 'Mania 29 *may* have been his last match. And then the sky caught on fire and the seas turned to boiling blood. It would be a shame, sure, but these past three years were, in hindsight, an unexpected treat for us. I think we've had our fill of The Rock's farewell to the business. I'd like him to wrassle again, but overall I'm good. I'll defer to his judgement. And keep in mind that he he tweeted this having just been injured and having just had surgery to fix that injury, so I'm sure rubbing nipples with Brock Lesnar is the last thing on his mind. Oh, and his final match would be with Brock. Something I can take or leave, honestly.

I realize that I'm doing all the "outside of the ring" news first, so I'll just burn through it. CM Punk, most likely, is gone until SummerSlam. He needs a break to rest his body and to clear out the a**hole-ish cobwebs in his head. It'll be good for him, but sad for us. They might even have to extend the Cena/Ryback feud through another PPV just to fill time. As it stands, it looks like Cena's about to have a very similar match to the one he had with Brock at Extreme Rules last year - without the extreme part and blood, of course. He'll get trampled and then pull an AA out of his ass for the win.

As it stands, I'm way more invested in The Shield vs. Hell No. They got a huge rub from The Undertaker last week and even got to freakin' put him through a table on Smackdown. Smackdown was awesome too because it was still in London and Undertaker wrestled again - in a one on one match! And he *technically* delivered The Shield their first loss when he made Ambrose tap. Word has it that Taker might be wrestling more to make up for the Punk gap. I mean, he has been wrestling more, but he might do even more-more. I'm still dead serious about The Shield triple-holding the WWE Championship. It's hinky, but they're the only heels, aside from Ziggler, worth a main event spot right now.

Perhaps it could all come about "thanks to the twisted, demented mind of Teddy Long." Anyone else catch that last night right at the top of RAW when Cole talked about how Ricardo vs. Big E. vs. Zed happened? Since when did Adjunct Professor Holla Holla become Kevin Sullivan? I mean, it certainly explained why RAW was opening things up with three guys who should remain fully clothed all all times for different reasons, but they're really jumping the gun on Teddy's heel turn. That, in fact, escalated quickly.

More from RAW, including World Wish Day and Del Rio's hindquarters, on page 2....

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GTA V: Everything You Missed in the New Trailers

Today, Rockstar Games unleashed three trailers for Grand Theft Auto V. Each of these teasers revolves around one of the game's playable protagonists, and each video is full of references and Easter Eggs. Don't believe us? Well, then check out our three Rewind Theaters below and be amazed by the drugs, butts, and dog.


Greg is an executive editor at IGN, cohost of Podcast Beyond and host of Up at Noon. Follow IGN on Twitter, and keep track of Greg's shenanigans on IGN and Twitter. Beyond!

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The Americans: Don't Miss the Season Finale

Along with Hannibal, The Americans has easily been my favorite new series this year. The tale of two KGB spies living in 1981 suburban America, posing as an average married couple, the show has deftly managed to blend engaging family drama with some very intense spy-thriller storylines.

I attended a screening of this coming Wednesday night's season finale of The Americans this past weekend, and am happy to report it delivers big time. The stakes are considerably high, with two huge scenarios occurring nearly simultaneously that put Phillip (Matthew Rhys) and Elizabeth (Keri Russell) in greater danger than ever. Per usual, the finale impresses by juggling so many elements in so many engrossing ways, as we're just as worried about the Jennings' marriage as we are their cover being blown.

During the Q&A that followed, the cast and producers proved to be a very funny bunch, with Rhys cracking up the audience with stories about how Keri Russell (who couldn't be there, due to filming on Dawn of the Planet of the Apes) likes to playfully slap him right before the camera rolls. Asked if she'd done much research before taking on her role as KGB handler, Claudia, Margo Martindale quipped that she'd read "Spy novels... romantic, spy murder novels."

The Americans: Annet Mahendru on Nina's Future

More seriously, creator/executive producer Joe Weisberg discussed some of the real life inspirations that show draws from - something he's very familiar with, thanks to his previous career as a CIA agent. Weisberg noted that while they don't know if it happened in America, there are many documented accounts of spies using false identities to woo and marry women in secretarial positions to men they wanted access to - just as Phillip has done with Martha on The Americans.

There was also plenty of talk about where things might pick up in Season 2, but to go into that would be to give away what happens in the finale... So this is another reminder to watch that finale on Wednesday, May 1st at 10pm ET/PT on FX. Look for my full review immediately following the east coast airing.

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Dragon’s Dogma Patch Could Corrupt Saves

Capcom has advised gamers that a new update for Dragon’s Dogma could corrupt files and prevent data from being saved or loaded. According to a post on Capcom Unity, a new title update could cause the problem for Dragon’s Dogma and Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen players.

“A number of users have encountered an unforeseen issue with a recent downloadable Title Update (patch),” Capcom advised. “The TU, in some cases, has caused players' DD save data to become corrupted (cue Olra purification jokes), meaning the game will no longer save or load their game progress.”

Capcom recommends backing up your save before downloading the update, noting “to prevent the possibility of permanent loss of your data, please copy your existing save data (whether it be DD or DDDA) to an external storage device or cloud whenever possible--especially if you are picking up the game for the first time in awhile or switching over to Dark Arisen for the first time.”

For now, Capcom is “exploring the issue” and hopes “to have a solution as quickly as possible.”

Andrew Goldfarb is IGN’s news editor. Keep up with pictures of the latest food he’s been eating by following @garfep on Twitter or garfep on IGN

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Will Retro’s Wii U Game Be Revealed Soon?

The UK’s Official Nintendo Magazine published an interview with Nintendo’s Hiro Yamada about Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D and other select titles. But embedded in there is word on when we may finally hear about Retro Studios’ still-unknown Wii U exclusive.

When Donkey Kong Country Returns was released on Wii in 2010, it was the very first time Retro Studios walked away from the Metroid Prime series. The magazine’s interviewer therefore asked a rather obvious question about the 3DS port of the game: why isn’t Retro making it? “Does [Retro’s unannounced project] involve a certain bounty hunter?” the interviewer asked, referring of course to Samus.

“I wonder what kind of game it is?” Yamada answered. “I hope to introduce it to you in the not so distant future.”

Nintendo fans have long speculated about what Retro Studios has been up to – it helped out on the Nintendo 3DS version of Mario Kart following Donkey Kong Country Returns – but we still don’t have a firm answer.

As long ago as late 2011, we reported that Retro may work on Zelda, which is still possible. After all, Retro didn’t invent Metroid, but rather helped recreate it, and the studio is more than capable of doing the same for The Legend of Zelda. We further speculated that Retro may be working on another Donkey Kong game, or perhaps more Metroid, the latter being the most obvious answer to what the Austin, Texas-based company could be toiling away on.

And of course, back at E3, we asked Reggie Fils-Aime himself what Retro was working on. While being evasive, he confirmed that “the team [at Retro] is hard at work,” while following it up that he’s “not gonna tell [us] what they’re working on.”

What do you want Retro Studios to be working on? And when do you think the game will be announced? E3 seems like a pretty safe bet.

Colin Moriarty is a Senior Editor in charge of IGN’s PlayStation coverage. You can follow him on Twitter and IGN and learn just how sad the life of a New York Islanders and New York Jets fan can be.

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Podcast Beyond: Concerns and Questions about Batman: Arkham Origins

PlayStation. Does the word send a chill down your spine? Does it caress your senses with wave upon wave of irresistible pleasure? No? Do you like PlayStation? Then you're certainly in the right place. Welcome to Podcast Beyond, your link to the IGN crew that pushes news, opinions and utter hilarity straight to your ears (and subsequently, your brain).

What's wrong with Soul Sacrifice? Are we worried about Batman: Arkham Origins? How awesome will Podcast Beyond 300 be live? The Beyond boys assemble to answer all these questions and more. We even make the show audible this week!


Podcast Beyond, Episode 291 (MP3) - 54 MB

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Greg is an executive editor at IGN, cohost of Podcast Beyond and host of Up at Noon. Follow IGN on Twitter, and keep track of Greg's shenanigans on IGN and Twitter. Beyond!

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Salt Lake City NBC Affiliate Pulls Hannibal

If you're a fan of Hannibal living in Salt Lake City, UT, don't look for it on NBC any longer. The local NBC affiliate, KSL, has dropped the series.

KSL's Tami Ostmark spoke to The Salt Lake Tribune, telling them, "After this last week's episode, it just had too much graphic content for us. It was just too bloody and violent. This is beyond anything we've put on our station before. This is too graphic to be on regular TV. It should be a cable show. We've talked to NBC, and that's how we feel about it."

So how can Salt Lake City viewers see Hannibal? The local CW affiliate, KUCW, will now air it on Saturdays, following another NBC series KSL refuses to air: Saturday Night Live. It will be the third current NBC series airing on KUCW, as KSL also refuses to air The New Normal. A couple years back, KSL also wouldn't air NBC's short-lived the Playboy Club.

KUCW's Richard Doutre Jones tells the Salt Lake Tribune, "We're happy to air all of the NBC shows KSL doesn't."

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The Black Bat #1 Preview

As mentioned in this week's Comics Run, I'm a fan of Dynamite's recent influx of rejuvenated pulp heroes, and I'm hoping that tomorrow's The Black Bat can continue the trend.

Written by Flash co-writer Brian Buccellato with art by Ronan Cliquet, The Black Bat #1 introduces us to Tony Quinn, a crooked lawyer trying to make good on past wrongs by taking to the streets as the titular hero. Take a look at the various covers and a few pages below.








Joey is a Senior Editor at IGN and a comic book creator. Follow Joey on Twitter @JoeyEsposito, or find him on IGN at Joey-IGN. After Man of Steel comes out, his life will lose all sense of direction and purpose.

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Olga Kurylenko Returns to the Spy Game

Hot off the Tom Cruise sci-fi pic Oblivion, Olga Kurylenko has now signed on for two upcoming features.

The first will see the former Bond girl in the new spy thriller November Man, which has former Bond guy Pierce Brosnan set to star. Said the actor of Kurylenko's casting, "She seems to be going through leading men like hot dinners. She is a gorgeous actress, beautiful woman. She started with Daniel Craig and she is going to end up with Brosnan."

Meanwhile, Kurylenko has also joined the book-to-screen adaptation of Vampire Academy: Blood Sisters, in which she'll star as Kirova the head mistress. Mark Waters is directing that one from a script by Daniel Waters. Production begins in late May.

Via MI6-HQ and Deadline

Max Nicholson is a writer for IGN, and he desperately seeks your approval. Show him some love by following @Max_Nicholson on Twitter, or MaxNicholson on IGN.

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IGN Digigods Podcast Episode 287

From their secluded home-theater compound, film critics Wade Major and Mark Keizer mix insightful commentary with irreverent banter, covering the latest DVD and Blu-ray news and new releases of the week, including studio, independent, television and special-interest titles.

Digigods Podcast, 04/30/13 (MP3) -- 27.4 MB

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In this episode, the Gods discuss:

  • Alois Nebel (DVD)
  • Attack Force & Into the Sun (Blu-ray)
  • Barney: Play With Barney (DVD)
  • Bleach Uncut DVD Set 16 (DVD)
  • Car's Life 3: The Royal Heist (DVD)
  • Champion (Blu-ray)
  • Cheech & ChongÕs Animated Movie (Blu-ray)
  • City that Never Sleeps (Blu-ray)
  • Copacabana (Blu-ray)
  • The Details (Blu-ray)
  • Django Unchained (Blu-ray/DVD)
  • The Fighting Seabees (Blu-ray)
  • Forbidden Hollywood: Volume Six (1932-1934) (The Wet Parade Downstairs Mandalay Massacre) (DVD-R)
  • Funny Girl (Blu-ray)
  • The Guilt Trip (Blu-ray/DVD)
  • The High Fructose Adventures of Annoying Orange: Escape from the Kitchen (DVD)
  • Hollow Man & Hollow Man 2 (Blu-ray)
  • Hollywood Homicide & Hudson Hawk (Blu-ray)
  • Howdy Kids!! A Saturday Afternoon Western Roundup (DVD)
  • Inuyasha The Movie Complete Collection (DVD)
  • ItÕs In the Blood (DVD)
  • Late Bloomers (Blu-ray)
  • LEGO Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Out (DVD)
  • Looney Tunes - Chuck Jones Collection: Mouse Chronicles (Blu-ray)
  • Looney Tunes Platinum Collection Volume Two (Blu-ray)
  • Looney Tunes Super Stars - Porky & Friends (DVD)
  • Magic Town (Blu-ray)
  • Major Dundee (Blu-ray)
  • Moomin & Midsummer Madness (DVD)
  • Not Fade Away (Blu-ray)
  • Nura: Rise of the Yokai Clan: Set 1 (DVD)
  • Pokemon The Movie 15: Kyurem vs. The Sword of Justice (DVD)
  • The Red Pony (Blu-ray)
  • Regular Show Party Pack (DVD)
  • Santa Fe Stampede (Blu-ray)
  • Sesame Street: Best of Friends (DVD)
  • Ship of Fools & Lilith (Blu-ray)
  • Silver Linings Playbook (Blu-ray)
  • The Springtime Collection featuring Max's Chocolate Kitchen (DVD)
  • The Squid and the Whale & Running with Scissors (Blu-ray)
  • Star Trek: The Next Generation - The Third Season (Blu-ray)
  • Star Trek: The Next Generation The Best Of Both Worlds (Blu-ray)
  • Strictly Ballroom (Blu-ray)
  • Submarine Adventure (DVD)
  • Tatsumi (DVD)
  • Thomas & Friends: Go Go Thomas (DVD)
  • Thomas & Friends: Railway Mischief (DVD)
  • Tiger & Bunny - Set One (Blu-ray)
  • A Turtle's Tale 2: Sammy's Escape from Paradise (DVD)
  • Wake of the Red Witch (Blu-ray)
  • Wake of the Red Witch (DVD)
  • War of the Wildcats (Blu-ray)
  • When a Stranger Calls & Happy Birthday To Me (Blu-ray)
  • Wild Kratts: Rainforest Rescue (DVD)
  • Wuthering Heights (DVD)

Readers can also check out the Official IGN Digigods Blog.

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Dragon Fantasy Devs 'Super Focused on PSN'

In the most recent batch of new ESRB ratings, Dragon Fantasy Book I, the old-school inspired RPG for PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita, happened to show up with ratings for Xbox 360 and Nintendo 3DS. You can see the ratings listed below.

However, don’t be fooled! In a conversation with developer Muteki Corporation, IGN has learned that neither SKU is confirmed. Muteki’s Bryan Sawler told us the following:

We've had the game rated for a number of platforms based on [an] earlier system of ESRB ratings. It used to be even downloadable games had to pay for ratings, so when we did our initial submission we just checked every box we thought we may want to release on :)

A release on 3DS is a possibility in the future (though not verified!) - we've talked about it but it's not something actively in development. We're super focused on PSN right now (it's been doing well for us) with the current 1.10 patch for PS Vita and PS3, and the work on Book 2 (which should have a great showing at E3!)

It appears Dragon Fantasy will stay on PlayStation for the time being, but stay-tuned to IGN for any additional updates, including if and when the series may migrate to other platforms.

Colin Moriarty is a Senior Editor in charge of IGN’s PlayStation coverage. You can follow him on Twitter and IGN and learn just how sad the life of a New York Islanders and New York Jets fan can be.

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Call of Duty: Ghosts Title, Release Date Confirmed

A promotional poster has confirmed that the next title in the Call of Duty franchise is called Call of Duty: Ghosts and that it will be released on November 5, 2013. The poster comes just 24 hours after Activision began teasing the game on its official site and marks our first confirmation of the game's title and release date.

The poster confirms previous rumors about Ghosts that first stemmed from a leak via YouTube and shows that box art in recent retailer listings was accurate.

So far, information on specific platforms hasn't been released, but expect an official reveal to come on May 1st.

Andrew Goldfarb is IGN’s news editor. Keep up with pictures of the latest food he’s been eating by following @garfep on Twitter or garfep on IGN.

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Nintendo Addresses Wii U Game Delays, System Power

Nintendo president Satoru Iwata has explained the reason for recent Wii U game delays, plus addressed concerns about the system’s power. During an investor Q&A, Iwata was asked by a concerned investor if other titles could be delayed in the same way Pikmin 3 was.

We decided to take time to add the final touches to ensure that consumers fully feel that they are valuable titles.

“The reason for the delayed release of our first-party titles was the fact that completing the games released at the same time as the launch of Wii U required more development resources than expected, so some staff members from development teams working on other titles had to help complete them,” Iwata answered. “In short, the development teams of Pikmin 3 and other future games were understaffed during that period. We do not simply have one easily identifiable bottleneck in software development.”

Elsewhere in the Q&A, Iwata addressed the current lack of Wii U titles, explaining "we originally planned to release a few first-party titles for Wii U during the first half of this year, but no big titles are scheduled for release before Pikmin 3 in July [August in North America] because we decided to take time to add the final touches to ensure that consumers fully feel that they are valuable titles. The brand of a franchise would be completely degraded without customer satisfaction. This is why we delayed the release schedule of such games."

Iwata explained that “these days it is becoming increasingly challenging to determine the minimum development resources required for customer satisfaction. The point I am trying to get across is that currently it is more challenging to sell packaged software for around $50-$60. On the other hand, we can offer digital games in other formats."

It is a fact that some software development companies assume that Wii U is not powerful enough.

"It is true that it is becoming increasingly challenging to meet the expectations of consumers who are willing to pay $50-$60 for a game," he continued, "and it is difficult to break even unless a huge number of units is sold all over the world, so it cannot be denied that software development is becoming more challenging. Among such packaged software, however, the sales of popular games are much larger than in the past. Therefore, if we create more hit games, the software development business can still be very profitable. All games break even if they sell millions of copies worldwide, so we will continue to do our best to develop games which have high sales potential.”

Iwata added that Nintendo is hoping to “expand the range of software developers for Wii U,” pointing to support for the Unity engine and the Nintendo Web Framework as new avenues for development (pointing to Google’s Wii Street U as an example of the latter). “We believe there will be something novel and fascinating from their development work, thereby expanding the range of the software available for Wii U,” he said.

Finally, Iwata addressed the perception that some developers feel the Wii U lacks the power of other consoles.

“It is a fact that some software development companies assume that Wii U is not powerful enough,” Iwata said. “On the contrary, some developers say in interviews that Wii U has a different architecture from other consoles and that, when utilized in the right way, it can perform well."

"At the moment, there is a great deal of contradictory information," he added. "Nintendo is required to make more efforts to dispel such a misconception. In fact, some software companies are actively supporting Wii U and others are not. It is important to have supportive companies enjoy successful sales of a game and feel that their decision to develop something for Wii U was correct. We understand that this cannot possibly be achieved overnight and it may sound unconvincing under the current slow sales of Wii U. We would like to work to revitalize the Wii U market and show you favorable results for third-party software from this summer.”

Andrew Goldfarb is IGN’s news editor. Keep up with pictures of the latest food he’s been eating by following @garfep on Twitter or garfep on IGN.

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Win a Chance to Get Your Defiance Game Character Into the Show

Trion Worlds has announced the Defiance Most Wanted contest, a chance to get your in-game character into the SyFy television series.

Beginning today and running until 11:59 p.m. PDT on May 12th, fans will be able to register for the contest, which they can win by completing two new Most Wanted pursuits. The winner “will have artists from the Defiance series render their character’s likeness into a special place in an upcoming episode.”

Both Most Wanted pursuits are available in the Goals section of the GO menu. The first, Rogue’s Gallery, “tasks you with eliminating various mutants, raiders, 99ers, and more,” while a second pursuit called Competitor “pits you against other ark hunters in team-based PvP and Shadow War modes.” According to Trion, “the ark hunter earning the most ark salvage per hour (excluding ark salvage earned from the Salvage Matrix) during their time played over the course of the contest will win.”

This is the first of several “transmedia events” that will bridge the world of the game with the SyFy television show. Trion notes that these events “will continually introduce new missions, pursuits and storylines that connect the two media worlds,” much like how Nolan and Irisa made an appearance early in the game. More information on the Most Wanted contest (plus the ability to register) is available on Defiance’s official site.

Defiance hit Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC earlier this month. For more, read our review.

Andrew Goldfarb is IGN’s news editor. Keep up with pictures of the latest food he’s been eating by following @garfep on Twitter or garfep on IGN.

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Sony's Ultra-Thin Xperia Tablet Z Available for Pre-order

Sony's ultra-thin, dustproof, and water-resistant Xperia Tablet Z is now up for the pre-order with shipments scheduled for May 24th, CNET reports. Featuring a super slim, 0.27 inch profile, Sony boasts that the Xperia Tablet Z is the thinnest 10.1-inch tablet on the market, and is even thinner than Apple's iPad mini.

The Xperia Tablet Z is equipped with a 1920 x 1200 resolution display, a 1.5GHz quad-core APQ8064 processor, 2GB of RAM, and NFC capabilities. While the act of taking photos using a tablet may be questionable, Sony has loaded the device with an 8.1-megapixel Exmor R rear camera to accompany the 2-megapixel shooter up front. The tablet will ship with Android 4.1 Jelly Bean and, like other Xperia devices, is PlayStation Certified.

The 16GB Xperia Tablet Z will be available in black for $499.99, and those looking for more on-board storage can pick up the 32GB version in either black or white. Sony will also throw in a free charging cradle with pre-orders.

Justin is all about his family and his gadgets. Follow him on MyIGN or on Twitter at @ItsTheLingo.

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Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance Blade Wolf DLC Detailed

Konami has announced the third DLC pack for Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, called Blade Wolf, will be available for Xbox 360 on May 14 and PlayStation 3 on May 15 for €6.99 / 560 MS points.

The pack focuses on the wise-crackin' robot dog Raiden teams up with, LQ-84i, and will offer gamers a chance to experience a playable side-story from his point of view.

In terms of story, Blade Wolf will apparently expand upon the origins on LQ-84i, exploring just what happened prior to his battle and eventual partnership with Raiden. Fresh weapons and abilities will be available, and a new boss will also be added to the game.

What do you reckon? Does this make you want to jump back into Platinum's latest release? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

Luke Karmali is IGN's UK Junior Editor. You too can revel in mediocrity by following him on IGN and on Twitter.

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Watch Dogs Getting PlayStation Exclusive Content

Ubisoft has confirmed that the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 versions of Watch Dogs will receive 60 minutes of exclusive content.

While it's been rumoured that the PlayStation 3 edition of the game would get exclusive missions for some time, confirmation came yesterday when updated box art for the title was unveiled along with a release date.

Now, Ubisoft has explained that the same content will be available on Sony's next-gen console as well. A statement provided to IGN reads, "We can confirm that customers who will purchase Watch Dogs on PlayStation 3 or PlayStation 4 will be able to download 60 minutes of additional gameplay via the PlayStation Network after the game's launch. As of now, we have no more details to share."

It's not the most shocking development; Ubisoft has a history of providing Sony platforms with exclusive content. Assassin's Creed III had Benedict Arnold DLC, while Far Cry 3 got additional co-op content.

What's less clear right now is how the 60 minutes of exclusive content mentioned here will tie in with the 60 minutes of exclusive content announced yesterday as coming with the various Collector's Editions. Will you get two hours of bonus content if you buy a PS3 Collector's Edition, for example? We've reached out to Ubisoft for clarification and will update the story when we hear back.

Thanks, Eurogamer.

Luke Karmali is IGN's UK Junior Editor. You too can revel in mediocrity by following him on IGN and on Twitter.

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DUST 514: Almost One Year On

At EVE Fanfest in Iceland last year, Dust 514 was introduced to the world with a spectacular set-piece: a squadron of mercenaries playing on PS3 calling in a real-time orbital strike from a player piloting a spaceship in EVE. It was an impressive and easy-to-understand symbol for the wider integration of this new multiplayer FPS into a persistent, ever-changing world that is already home to several hundred thousand players and their Internet spaceships.

Since beta testing began almost a year ago, though, things haven’t been so clear, and those grand co-operative moments have only just started materialising in-game. Integrating something like Dust into the EVE universe without messing up the economy or the game has been a long process, and it’s still not done. “We’ve set in place all these knobs and levers and we slowly keep turning them on to see how it all goes,” says CCP’s Brandon Laurino, who is in charge of Dust 514 at the developer’s Shanghai studio. “It’s much harder to unspool things that happen in the EVE universe than in other games.”

At PAX this year, attendees took part in the largest EVE/Dust 514 crossover battle so far: the battle for Caldari Prime, which culminated in a Titan (EVE’s biggest and most impressive kind of spaceship) crashing into the planet’s surface. It will now stay there forever, a permanent part of the map. This is the kind of cross-universe event that CCP hopes will draw Dust players into EVE’s persistent world and make them part of the lore; right now the developer is having to engineer these battles, but as Dust 514 is integrated further into the EVE universe it will start happening organically as players fight over territory.

Dust 514’s protracted beta period has aroused concern from some, but it’s taking a major step forward soon with the Uprising update, which brings it much, much closer to a finished product. The visuals alone are a huge step up from the basic environments of the current beta version; now planets actually look different from each other, with foliage and other environmental features that bring the maps up-to-date visually with something like Halo. Better lighting effects show off those deep-space sunsets, and overall things have been brought up to the high visual standard that you’d now expect from a current-generation shooter.

The Uprising update brings it much closer to a finished product.

Character progression has also been made easier to understand, with a node-based skill tree that makes it easier to see the direction that your choices are taking you. It will be easier to get into at the beginning and much deeper at the end, Brandon claims, with more specialised roles and classes. And the front-end has been tightened up – it will take around 90 seconds to get into a game, where previously it was 4 and a half minutes. It’s difficult to get a feel for how all of this changes the flow of the actual game from a quick half-hour’s play. Over that time, it was the huge graphical update that made the strongest impression.

Uprising also introduces a substantial number of new weapons, vehicles and dropsuits – like the Fighter  (a jet), a single-rider bike, and the Flaylock pistol (a pistol that shoots missiles) – but it’s the customisation features that have expanded the most. This is where CCP is making money from Dust 514, currently. “We’ve followed best practice for a free-to-play game,” Brandon maintains. “In terms of gear there’s nothing you can buy that there’s no free equivalent of. It’s always important that I remind everybody of that.” camolavjpg

Right now Dust makes most of its money from skill-point boosters that give you increased experience for a period of time, and vanity items – but CCP has more features planned post-launch. “There are more monetisation features that we want to add – nothing pay to win, but things that we think people will find cool,” says Brandon citing the example of passive skilling on multiple characters. As with EVE, CCP is open to changing things that don’t work. One item that used to cost money has been removed, based on player feedback: the Universal Voice Transmitter is gone, so now universal voice chat across both Dust and Eve is completely free.

Planetary conquest is the most major aspect of the Uprising expansion. The EVE star-map – containing all its many hundreds of systems – has been flattened into a 2D plane to make is easier to navigate with a control pad, and you can see which planets in which individual system belong to whom. Dominating planets will benefit groups of players (corporations) and alliances in both Dust and EVE.

It's still not easy to understand unless you're already pretty far down the rabbit hole.

Essentially, so far Dust 514 has only been operating in the EVE world’s safest and most predictable area: High-Sec, a high-security area in which CCP largely calls the shots. Planetary conquest sees it expand to Low-Sec, where things are more player-driven. Playing on planets in High-Sec, you can rely on matchmaking and developer balancing to make sure that fights are fair; in Low-Sec, that’s less of a factor, so if an alliance goes for a planet with a huge team of Dust mercenaries backed up by a fleet of ships, the battle may be realistically one-sided. Eventually, sometime post-launch, the game will expand to Null-Sec, the wild-west frontier of New Eden. What happens then is difficult to predict even for CCP.

I’m not going to pretend that I fully understand all of this as a non-EVE player, because Dust 514 is still incredibly complicated. Even the flattened system map makes no sense if you’re not versed in EVE, a universe with terrifically memorable system names like 2EV-BA, GA57-8 and Y-LRWI. CCP is still hoping that Dust players will get drawn into the wormhole that is the wider EVE community, but right now it’s not easy to understand how and why what you’re doing is important, and whom it’s affecting, unless you’re already pretty far down the rabbit hole.

In short, despite following Dust 514 from since it was announced, there are some things I still don’t quite get, which means that CCP still has a lot of explaining to do if it’s to reach the wider audience that it’s aiming for. But Brandon claims that Dust has already gotten a significant number of people into EVE in a big way. “We’ve had millions of people through the door and we’ve captured a really engaged section of them – some of these guys were not EVE guys before,” he says. “Some people play upwards of six hours a day every day of the month. We’re seeing a non-trivial group of people playing that much.”

Even when we take off the beta tag the launches don’t stop.

Uprising goes live May 6th, and Dust 514’s freshly-announced release date is May 14th, which gives CCP only a few days to check it’s working before whipping that Beta tag off. But Laurino is keen to stress that this is far from the last update that will be made. “Even when we take off the beta tag the launches don’t stop. We’ll launch significant updates indefinitely… It’s an on-going service that will keep getting better and better.”

It’s a philosophy that goes against the industry standard of annualising shooters. As Dust 514 makes incremental improvements, it will always do so for free, and it will never be finished. This makes the whole concept of a launch somewhat nebulous – really, May’s launch is symbolic of the fact that Dust 514 has gotten to a stage where CCP is proud of it. It’s still not quite in line with the vision we were shown last year, but that day isn’t far off.

Keza MacDonald is in charge of IGN's games coverage in the UK and despite being endlessly fascinated by EVE Online, she fears actually playing it. You can follow her on IGN and Twitter.

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The Wonderful 101 May Not be That Long

Upcoming Wii U-exclusive The Wonderful 101 may be quite short, if the game's director is to be believed.

Platinum Games' Hideki Kamiya took to Twitter to warn anyone planning on picking up the title that he wouldn't be pressured into creating a bloated game just to satisfy consumers.

If u hate to finish a game the next day u buy it, u better not play TW101. I focus on how it is fun, not how long it lasts till the ending.

— 神谷英樹 Hideki Kamiya (@PG_kamiya) April 27, 2013

After a bit of a kerfuffle from fans though, the game's producer Atushi Inaba decided he should step into the fray to clear things up in a series of tweets (via Siliconera) before they escalated further.

"So it looks like @PG_Kamiya has caused another bit of controversy," he wrote. "What he is saying is his basic approach to how he creates an action game. The idea is rooted in that you shouldn’t pad your game with content users won’t enjoy in order to control play time to the end of the game. It isn’t something he wants to do, or thinks you should do.

"@PG_Kamiya is the kind of game director who will pack as much content into the game as he can until he is satisfied. If we were to give in to all of his desires, the game we’d ship would probably be some super-long action game that no one would beat. I’ve been teamed up with @PG_Kamiya as his producer for a long time now, and game length is something I’ve never once worried about.

"That means both the length of a single play-through and the replayability of the game. Never worried once. Never. Actually, my job really is to be the one who says “This is too %^&* long! Cut it!”"

Inaba went on to explain that fans shouldn't jump to conclusions about the length of the game, and that more info on the anticipated title would be released soon.

"Let me make my own conclusion: TW101 will be so much fun you are going to wear out your Wii U GamePad. Actually, the Wii U GamePad is pretty sturdy, so you probably won’t wear it out…

"And I’m sorry I can’t explain to you in exact terms why I think you will have so much fun with TW101. I promise there will be plenty of news about the game in the days and weeks to come. But I will say this – Everyone here is working incredibly hard to make sure you say two things about TW101. One: I’m happy I bought a Wii U! — Two: I’m happy I bought The Wonderful 101!"

What do you reckon? Have your fears been allayed or are you still somewhat perturbed? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

Luke Karmali is IGN's UK Junior Editor. You too can revel in mediocrity by following him on IGN and on Twitter.

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Monday, 29 April 2013

The Office’s Craig Robinson on the Finale and His Upcoming Apocalyptic Films

The final good-bye for The Office is three weeks away, and many of the cast members are taking some time to look back on their time on the show. Eric Goldman recently ran an interview with Angela Kinsey (Angela) and Ellie Kemper (Erin) about the bittersweet end of the series. We also sat down with Craig Robinson (Darryl Philbin) to talk about his not-so-tearful experience shooting the finale, the Michael Scott cameo that wasn't and his upcoming turn in two apocalyptic movies.

IGN: In looking back over your career, could you have imagined how it's developed over the last ten years?

Robinson: That's a yes and no answer. I mean, I feel like you have to have some vision to keep climbing. It's like looking at the top of a mountain from the bottom, you know what needs to be done, but in the midst of climbing you forget and just kind of find yourself saying, 'Oh! Look how far I've come.'

IGN: It's kind of incredible when you think of the careers that have come out of The Office, it's like a petri dish for amazing talent. One of the cooler things about the show is that often times they've been able to construct the characters so that they stay true to themselves, but also evolve and grow like human beings do. How much input did you have on Darryl's progression as a character?

Robinson: I input zero on Darryl. Sometimes the writers see you and they get ideas just from being around you, but I didn't start writing and I didn't start inputting, so I didn't want to finish it. As a matter of fact, they gave us the opportunity, like, 'How do you want to see Darryl end up?' And it's like, 'Well don't ask me! What are you talking about? Ya'll got this.' So, no I would just look forward to what Daryl was going to say and do when I got the script.

IGN: Have you been happy with it? Because I think for audiences it's been fun to see him kind of take charge of his own life and start this new career.

Robinson: Yeah, I love where he's going. One of the things I adore about Darryl's journey is that he would be so sure of himself, and so confident, and knowing he's going to rise, and then he gets these interview opportunities and he just has a complete breakdown. So it's fun to play those quirks and wonder what the hell is wrong with him.

IGN: Was it an emotional end for you guys shooting that finale? Or were you really ready to move on?

Robinson: It was emotional, it was a lot of people crying and stuff. I feel I didn't earn the cry that a lot of them earned. Because a lot of them were there for every single episode, I wasn't. So part of me feels like, okay, you know I'm going to miss seeing these guys, and this was an amazing experience, but I don't feel like I earned the tears as much as a lot of those characters did.

IGN: You know we're all sort of waiting to see the Michael Scott cameo in the finale that's been rumored.

Robinson: I wish, I wish that that was the case. You know it was a big question: "Was he coming back?" And it was like, he said his good-bye, so they didn't want to overshadow the whole finale with that, because Michael had already said his good-bye.

IGN: There's a lot of pressure when ending series like The Office, that's had such a long run and meant so much to fans. Do you think fans will be happy with it? Are you happy with it?

Robinson: Yeah, I think we have a really nice send-off. I think fans are going to get everything you'd expect from The Office, from awkwardness, to a lot of humor and heart.

IGN: Some of the cast, including yourself, are already on to other projects. When you look forward, where do you see the cast going from here?

Robinson: Everybody on that show could have their own show. Some people have other projects, and some people are being considered for other projects. I don't see anybody slowing down anytime soon.

IGN: You most certainly aren't. You have this new pilot based on your experience as a teacher.

Robinson: Yeah, and a band leader.

IGN: Why were you interested in drawing from that particular time in your life?

Robinson: We started to develop the concept and I sat down with Greg Daniels (writer/executive-producer on The Office) and a creative team and I just started telling them about my life. Everybody just started pitching ideas about their time as a student or how their kids acted during their teenage years. But it really was just like, 'This is how I was as a teacher, this is how I am as a band leader,' and we fashioned it into this pilot.

IGN: What's the tone of the pilot? Does it feel like a more traditional sit-com than The Office? 

Robinson: It's a single camera, music driven and all about me. I'm a band leader and substitute teacher, and then one day they bring me into a music class and I'm like, 'Wait a minute, I know this stuff.' And the principal is like, 'Just throw the video in and call it a day,' and I'm like, 'That's not good enough, I want these kids to know what it's like to have a gig and all that kind of stuff.'

IGN: You're also tackling your first leading man role in the rom-com Peeples. Is that exciting?

Craig Robinson: Very exciting, and I couldn't have picked a better first leading lady. Are you kidding me? I have to fall in love with Kerry Washington, 'S**T!'

IGN: Are you a fan of the genre? Do you like a rom-com?

Robinson: I do, I do enjoy a good rom-com here and there. Would A Fish Called Wanda be a rom-com?

IGN: Hmm, well it would be awesome. I don't know, I'm not sure if it's a traditional rom-com...

Robinson: I mean they [John Cleese and Jamie Lee Curtis] fall in love, so it's a rom-com.

IGN: Sure, I'll buy that.

Robinson: So then I'm a fan.

IGN: [Laughing] 'If it's A Fish Called Wanda, then yes, I like a good rom-com.' Good answer. How involved was Tyler Perry in the production on Peebles? I know he was producing, but I don't know if he was really in there with you guys.

Robinson: Tyler would not leave us alone! No, he came to set one time and he was like, 'Oh, ya'll got this.' You know I think he got his cut of the movie or whatever, but he really was using his name to shine his light on us.

IGN: You've also got Hot Tub Time Machine 2 coming up, yes? Have you seen the script yet?

Robinson: Yes, we start shooting in June. I've seen the script, Josh Heald, who wrote the first Hot Tub Time Machine, is back for this one. With any sequel you want to duplicate what people love about it, but also bring in something different to the table, and I think Josh did a good job of that.

IGN: You also have these two end of days stories, Rapture-Palooza and This is the End coming out this summer. We know that This is the End is very improvisational, how about Rapture-Palooza?

Robinson: Rapture has a lot of improv as well. These are comedy heavyweights coming in for both of those movies. There was definitely a lot of improv, and I got a lot of free reign on Rapture. Most of the movies I've been doing call for improv. The difference between Rapture and This is the End is that in This is the End we play heightened versions of ourselves, in Rapture we play straight-up characters. Also, in This is the End, the rapture is happening all around us and in Rapture-Polooza we're two years into the rapture and the Antichrist has taken over.

IGN: And you're the Antichrist, yes?

Robinson: Yes, baby.

IGN: What kind of Antichrist are you?

Robinson: He's so insecure that he does not need to be in power, but he's so insecure that he needs to be in power and he relishes in it. He has this whole body guard team, and this amazing mansion, and anything he says goes. Everybody is ready to do his bidding. And so he runs into Anna Kendrick who tells him that she's a virgin and he just loses his mind, and he says the most vile things and he thinks he's being charming. I love him.

IGN: Working on improv-heavy films can be risky in some cases in terms of keeping things clear and on-track story-wise. Have you seen the completed version of This is the End? Is there a good balance between a clear story and really funny moments?

Robinson: Oh yeah, you've got Seth Rogen, Jonah Hill, Danny McBride and Jay Baruchel and James Franco and they all understand story and jokes; and with Seth and Evan Goldberg directing you get a lot of improv.

IGN: How were they as first time directors?

Robinson: It was like being in the basement with your friends and someone says, 'Hey we got a camera, lets do this!' We just let the camera roll and get everything and chop it up later.

IGN: You know sit-coms and rom-coms have kind of specific structures and needs, and then you have these hard-R comedies which are more free. Do you prefer the hard-R comedies? Or is it nice to have the mix?

Robinson: It is nice to have the mix. I think the rom-com, it's refreshing especially for my mother. I've taken her to my movies and its like I had to cover her eyes in Zack and Miri Make a Porno, and then she hears me curse, and so something like Peeples is something she can tell her church friends about. So the mix is nice.

The one-hour series finale of The Office airs Thursday, May 16 at 9 p.m. ET on NBC. Stay tuned for our continued coverage.

Roth Cornet is an Entertainment Editor for IGN. You can follow her on Twitter at @RothCornet and IGN at Roth-IGN.

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Sam Mendes Sickened by Idea of Returning for Bond 24

Skyfall director Sam Mendes recently elaborated on his decision to not return to helm James Bond 24.

In a chat with The Guardian (via Yahoo! Movies UK), the Oscar-winning Mendes said, "Was I willing to go back into a room with a writer and start work on the same set of characters and the same scenarios as I've been working on for the last three years? The idea made me physically ill."

The Bond producers, however, have publicly stated they remain confident they can woo Mendes back for another Bond movie down the line.

Mendes also spoke about the filmmakers' decision to -- SPOILER!! -- kill off Judi Dench's "M" at the end of Skyfall: "Ha! You can't kill him; let's kill her instead! I thought I was going to get so much (s**t) for that. But you know you shock people into rediscovering their first acquaintance with the characters…"

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Alexander Skarsgard Now Rumored for The Crow

Sounds like we should forget about the prospect of Tom Hiddleston playing Eric Draven in Relativity's reboot of The Crow.

Deadline claims that Hiddleston merely had a conversation with the filmmakers about it and isn't in the running. Instead, they are reportedly pursuing True Blood's Alexander Skarsgard for the lead role.

The site says Skarsgard "is getting numerous offers since his plans to star for David Yates in Tarzan died on the vine when Warner Bros halted the project over budget. No formal offer yet, but it sounds to me like it’s Skarsgard’s role if he wants it in the F. Javier Gutierrez-directed film series relaunch."

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Alexander Skarsgard Now Rumored for The Crow

Sounds like we should forget about the prospect of Tom Hiddleston playing Eric Draven in Relativity's reboot of The Crow.

Deadline claims that Hiddleston merely had a conversation with the filmmakers about it and isn't in the running. Instead, they are reportedly pursuing True Blood's Alexander Skarsgard for the lead role.

The site says Skarsgard "is getting numerous offers since his plans to star for David Yates in Tarzan died on the vine when Warner Bros halted the project over budget. No formal offer yet, but it sounds to me like it’s Skarsgard’s role if he wants it in the F. Javier Gutierrez-directed film series relaunch."

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Daily Fix Headlines for April 29, 2013

You know the week is off to a good start when it’s game release date galore out there. Did someone mention dog watching or something, cause that just popped into my mind. Weird. Anyway, have you heard about this IllumiRoom projector that might be in Microsoft’s next console? Brush up on the deets, and let us know if you want it to be a part of your gaming experience. Oh, and check out my pretty neat Sisters of Artemis shirt in today’s episode while you’re at it. Give it a watch!

Here are the stories we covered in today’s Fix:

Ubisoft announced when Watch Dogs will be available on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Wii U, and PC and you can expect it to arrive sooner than you think!

We’ve been hyping up the new Deadpool game for a while now so when exactly can we get our hands on it? We have the details.

Click for details on a Xbox 720 / IllumiRoom rumor and a video explaining what the IllumiRoom is all about. Does it seem legit?

IGN Daily Roundup

Need more to satisfy your video game informational needs? Here's a quick list of things you might also find interesting.

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FYI: Behold the PlayStation All-Stars Heritage Sale

Sure, PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale may not have sold the best, but it’s still a great game with a loyal following, and its many odes to PlayStation’s proud heritage are about to be on sale. Starting on Tuesday, April 30th in North America only, both regular users and PlayStation Plus subscribers can expect to save some bucks (with Plus users saving even more) on the following games that inspired PlayStation All-Stars.

Oh, and PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale itself will be on sale for both PS3 and Vita, too, to the tune of 50% off for PS Plus subscribers.

  • BioShock (Retail)
  • BioShock 2 (Retail)
  • Devil May Cry HD Collection (Retail)
  • God of War HD (PSN)
  • God of War II HD (PSN)
  • God of War: Chains of Olympus (PSP)
  • God of War Collection (Retail)
  • God of War: Ghost of Sparta (PSP)
  • God of War Origins Collection (Retail)
  • Infamous (Retail)
  • Infamous 2 (Retail)
  • Infamous: Festival of Blood (PSN)
  • LittleBigPlanet (Retail)
  • LittleBigPlanet (PSP)
  • LittleBigPlanet 2 (Retail)
  • LittleBigPlanet Karting (Retail)
  • LittleBigPlanet PS Vita (Vita)
  • Metal Gear Solid (PSone)
  • Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty HD (PSN/Vita)
  • Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater HD (PSN/Vita)
  • Metal Gear Solid HD Collection (Retail/Vita)
  • Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker (PSP)
  • Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker HD (PSN/Vita)
  • Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops (PSP)
  • Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops Plus (PSP)
  • Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One (Retail)
  • Ratchet & Clank: Full Frontal Assault (PSN)
  • Ratchet & Clank HD Collection (Retail)
  • Ratchet & Clank Future: Quest For Booty (PSN)
  • Ratchet & Clank: Up Your Arsenal (PSN)
  • Secret Agent Clank (PSP)
  • Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus HD (PSN)
  • Sly 2: Band of Thieves HD (PSN)
  • Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves HD (PSN)
  • Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time (Retail/Vita)
  • The Sly Collection (Retail)
  • Twisted Metal (PSone)
  • Twisted Metal (Retail)
  • Twisted Metal 2 (PSone)
  • Twisted Metal: Black (PS2)
  • Twisted Meteal: Head-On (PSone)

Consider this a reminder from your friendly neighborhood PlayStation editor.

Colin Moriarty is a Senior Editor in charge of IGN’s PlayStation coverage. You can follow him on Twitter and IGN and learn just how sad the life of a New York Islanders and New York Jets fan can be.

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IGN Shirts on Sale This Week

Want to show the world how much you love IGN? Good news - IGN’s Splitreason store has more than a dozen shirts and hoodies for you to choose from, including some inspired by your favorite game and movie franchises!

For a limited time, some of our most popular designs are on sale for up to 50% off, but act fast! The sale only lasts this week.

Check out a small selection of the shirts available below:

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Iron Man's TV History

With Iron Man 3 hitting theaters this week, it's time to take an updated look at the biggest star in the shared Marvel Cinematic Universe, Tony Stark himself.

Iron Man was introduced in Marvel Comics' Tales of Suspense back in 1963 and while he might not have always had the widespread recognition of Spider-Man or the Hulk, he still made plenty of television appearances through the years. And of course once he became a bona fide movie star and was quickly elevated to one of the world's most recognizable super heroes, the floodgates were open. In recent years, there have been as many as four different animated series featuring the character airing simultaneously!

Keep in mind this list is focused on television appearances, not feature films or direct-to-video projects.

Iron Man was one of five Marvel characters who starred in segments of this series, along with Hulk, Captain America, Thor and Sub-Mariner.

You have to at least be amused by any incarnation of Iron Man whose theme song says, "Tony Stark makes you feel. He's a cool exec, with a heart of steel!" What exactly does Tony make us feel though? Only a few dozen ladies can say. This series is infamous for its incredibly crude animation, which simply took actual comic book frames and moved them, ever so slightly, adding in the occasional creepy moving lips.

That being said, as others have joked, it certainly doesn't get more faithful to the comics than this stories are taken directly from Iron Man's Tales of Suspense days, complete with lots of goofy but fun Silver Age villains and melodrama. For those who grew up with this show in the '60s or caught it in syndication later, it's hard not to be nostalgic for this first-ever animated version of the Golden Avenger.

In a fun nod to the character's history, Jon Favreau included the Iron Man 1966 theme song multiple times in the first Iron Man movie - it's played by the band, as Tony is given an award at the start of the film (which he fails to accept, since he's gambling at the time) and it's also Tony's ring tone on his phone.

Amazing Friends was the first animated series to feature a large cross-section of characters from Marvel Comics existing in the same universe, so it was only fitting that Shell-head make an appearance. There are brief glimpses of Iron Man on a couple of episodes, but it was on the episode "The Origin of the Spider-Friends" that the character would have a true guest star role, though almost entirely as Tony Stark.

Twice, the Spider-Friends save Stark, who ultimately rewards them in a big way, as it turns out he's the one who supplies the gang with their "own crime computer and their hidden laboratory" - explaining how three college students had been able to afford to have all those cool gizmos that popped up when they slid a trophy forward.

Spider-Man is transfixed by the power of the stache.

We actually do also see Iron Man briefly in this episode too, even if Spider-Man doesn't. As the Spider-Friends defend Stark International from the Beetle, Iceman wonders where Iron Man is the action cuts to outer space, where Iron Man is seen destroying asteroids, as Stan Lee's narration explains he's "on a secret government mission."

Iron Man (1994)

The greatest thing to come from the first-ever completely Iron Man-centric TV series are the awesome opening credits to the second (and final) season. Those credits feature a shirtless, mulleted Tony Stark using a large hammer to create his armor, while cheesy faux-metal plays, complete with a familiar refrain "I am Iron Man!" It's both awful and wonderful all at once.

As for the show, it was unfortunately a mediocre affair (though the second season is better than the first), but it does remain notable for a couple of reasons. First was that the show had a large supporting cast of superheroes, mainly taken from the then-current Avengers spinoff comic book series, Force Works. As a result, the 1994 Iron Man series in some ways is the first ongoing look at an Avengers-type team in animation, as the cast included War Machine, Hawkeye, the second Spider-Woman, Scarlet Witch and the easy to forget 90s character Century.

There was also an action figure series released in conjunction with the show, which also was the first time Iron Man alone had been used as branding for his own toy line.

Voicing Iron Man was Robert Hays, the film actor probably best known for starring in Airplane! While the Iron Man series was over by February 1996, Hays would reprise the character twice later in the year, during a time when Marvel had many animated series on the air...

The Incredible Hulk / Spider-Man

The Robert Hays-voiced Iron Man guest starred on both the 1990s animated Hulk and Spider-Man series.

On The Incredible Hulk, Bruce Banner comes to Tony for help, but soon enough, Banner is big, green and smashing stuff, with S.H.I.E.L.D. in hot pursuit. Iron Man is joined here by War Machine, also continuing his earlier animated series persona. This episode also featured Tony donning a version of the Hulkbuster armor he'd previously worn on his own series.

With Spider-Man, the pattern established by Amazing Friends continued, with Iron Man making some earlier brief cameos, before Tony Stark had a notable guest role on the episode "Venom Returns." And as on Amazing Friends, a Stark invention is targeted by a supervillain Dormammu, who uses Baron Mordo, Venom and Carnage (in his first animated appearance) as his agents. In part 1 of this two-parter War Machine shows up, only to be hurt badly by Carnage. But in the second episode -- appropriately called "Carnage" -- Iron Man himself, intent on avenging War Machine, enters the fray and teams with Spidey for what ultimately is a big free for all battle between the good guys and the bad guys... and a very confused Venom.

Iron Man also had a large supporting role in the "Secret Wars" storyline on Spider-Man, which featured several other Marvel heroes. Spider-Man would be the last series to include the Robert Hays voiced incarnation of Iron Man introduced in the 1994 series. The character also was briefly seen on the 1990s Fantastic Four series, but it was just a brief visual cameo.

The end of the '90s saw the first official Avengers cartoon in the form of this less than stellar series, which rather incredulously had many of the characters wearing Power Ranger type outfits. Curiously, the three core Avengers from the comics -- Captain America, Thor and Iron Man -- were not a regular part of this series, presumably because their rights were tied up separately.

However, the three were glimpsed at the end of the opening credits, and Iron Man (like Captain America) did guest star on one episode of the series. He doesn't get to do all that much though, being rescued from the Stark space station and only really appearing in a few minutes of the episode.

If Space Iron Man had a mouth, he'd totally be talking trash.

There was at least one heroic moment for him, as (in a nod to the comics) he risks his own fragile heart to reroute power from his armor at a crucial moment. The one other notable aspect of this episode is that Iron Man is seen wearing a variation of his space armor from the comics for the entirety of his appearance.

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