Friday, 6 September 2013

The Top 25 iPhone and iPad Games

Nothing more needs to be written about how mobile gaming is “growing up.” Phones and tablets are powerhouse gaming machines, period.

On mobile, core gamers have exclusive experiences like Infinity Blade, Real Racing and Horn. Gamers of all ages and tastes have games like Puzzle Craft, Flight Control, and yes, Candy Crush Saga. Companies like EA are nailing the right way to do freemium with games like Pixel People and Plants vs. Zombies 2.

The bottom line? Mobile has never been stronger. That’s why, for the first time, we have elected to not put any ports on our Top 25 List. We’re not saying The Walking Dead isn’t great on a tablet (it is), or that we haven’t spent hours playing “just one more turn” in Civilization Revolution (we have). Mobile is just too big, with too many fantastic titles to spotlight. So every single game on our list is either exclusive to mobile platforms, or was created with mobile as its lead platform.

With that in mind, let's jump right in...

List last updated on September 5, 2013.


Minigore 2: Zombies is the best twin-stick shooter on the App Store. The core twin-stick shooting feels great, even on a touch screen, but it is Minigore 2’s polished engine and impressive bevy of content that truly allows it to stand out from the pack. Each arena plops down dozens or maybe even hundreds of enemies on-screen at once, keeping the action fast-paced and frantic. Loads of missions, upgradable weapons, playable characters, boss fights and varied combat arenas will keep you blasting away for hours. - Justin Davis


Pixel People takes the simple element combining found in puzzlers like Doodle God and mashes it together with Cityville-style casual town building. The result is the most charming and addictive town builder on the App Store. Splicing together genes to unlock new citizens and buildings is a ton of fun, but it’s game’s quirky sense of humor that will keep a smile on your face and keep you checking in day after day. Best of all, it’s free! And not in a half-hearted way. You’ll only need to put in real money if you really want to - there is no arm twisting. - Justin Davis


Flight Control’s core concept is so fun and makes so much sense for a touch screen that it actually kicked off an entire genre. As planes fly in from off-screen, you use your finger to draw a safe guide path to each plane’s proper landing strip. As with all arcade games, things start off leisurely enough. But before you know it you’re frantically drawing lines for 12+ planes at once, doing your best to avoid collisions and clear the screen. Line-drawing games have often imitated Flight Control, but the original is still the champ. - Justin Davis


Ridiculous Fishing is pretty simple at its core – cast your line, avoid fish as it sinks to the bottom, try to grab as many fish as you can on the way back up, and then pull out your gun and blast the fish once they break the surface. But beneath the addictive gameplay loop and stylish presentation, Ridiculous Fishing culminates in a moment that’s shockingly moving. We won’t spoil anything, but let’s just say that discovering why your fisherman does what he does is bound to hit quite a few people in a profound way- Marty Sliva


Horn impressively manages to combine Zelda-style dungeons and puzzle-solving with fast-paced Infinity Blade-style combat. This is a winning combination on its own, but the game’s gorgeous presentation and near-perfect touch controls make it one of the platform’s greats. The game’s tap-to-move system combined with a variety of context-sensitive commands for jumping, climbing, shimmying across ledges, and more make exploration a breeze. Horn’s well-written and well-acted cast of characters and treasure-filled nooks and crannies ensure that this is one mobile world you’ll definitely want to explore. - Justin Davis

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