Friday, 6 September 2013

Does Marvel Want Katee Sackhoff in One of Their Phase 3 Movies?

Battlestar Galactica and Riddick star Katee Sackhoff says Marvel Studios has expressed interest in her for one of their upcoming movies.

When asked if Marvel had approached her about working with them, Sackhoff told the Schmoes Know Podcast, "There’s been some stuff going on. There’s been a lot of checking of availability. ... I don’t quite know exactly… There’s been a lot of questions about the first quarter of next year."

Avengers: Age of Ultron is filming in the first quarter of 2014. Could writer-director Joss Whedon be considering Sackhoff, a genre TV veteran like himself, for a role in his sequel?

The fan consensus is Sackhoff might be up for the role of Carol Danvers, aka Captain Marvel (pka Ms. Marvel). Marvel reportedly has a script in development for a Ms. Marvel solo film. And as any BSG fan can tell you, Sackhoff certainly knows a thing or two about playing a badass pilot.


Via Bleeding Cool.

Source : ign[dot]com

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