Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Captain America #10 Review

Captain-America_10-674x1024This Cap story has been big. Sure, previous Captain America arcs featured plenty of big set pieces and fights, but this one ends with a flying, infected city, a giant, gooey Zola robot, and a speeder biker chase through portals between worlds. It's cray-cray stuff and a crazy good time. Plus, you get the added bonus of an insane ending that all but guarantees the craziness is going to continue in the coming months and that is a very, very good thing.

Rick Remender is building a huge storyline here. This is a Captain America run that feels like it's truly building on everything that came before. This ending sets up so much rad stuff, so many new -- yet familiar -- pieces, that it is hard to not be excited. Nomad, guys! Wherever Remender is steering this ship, I want to be aboard. It's been a damn fun ride so far and the horizon looks pretty freaking promising.

John Romita does some great work in this issue, although credit has to be given to Klaus Janson, Tom Palmer, and Scott Hanna for providing the finishes. The end result is a little all over the place, with some pages filled with fine detail and others more loose and smooth. Fortunately, Dean White and Rachelle Rosenberg color Captain America #10 to perfection. Their masterful color art holds the whole thing together and helps bring the horrors of Dimension Z to a stunning close. Great issue in what looks to be a Cap run to remember.

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