Thursday, 29 August 2013

Zack Snyder on Man of Steel's Massive Death Toll

When it was released earlier this summer, Zack Snyder's Man of Steel took a lot of flack for its sheer destruction of Metropolis, including what is presumably a massive death toll.

While promoting the film's recent debut in Japan, Snyder explained his reasons for the movie's third-act massacre. "I wanted the movie to have a mythological feeling," the director told The Japan Times in an interview (via THR). "In ancient mythology, mass deaths are used to symbolize disasters. In other countries like Greece and Japan, myths were recounted through the generations, partly to answer unanswerable questions about death and violence. In America, we don't have that legacy of ancient mythology. Superman... is probably the closest we get. It's a way of recounting the myth."

Whether this same mythic carnage will continue in Snyder's Man of Steel sequel remains to be seen -- though, I'd wager Bruce Wayne and Lex Luthor would have a bone to pick with Superman on the subject.

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