Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Report Claims Pixar Removes Director of The Good Dinosaur

A new report claims Pixar boss John Lasseter has removed one of the directors of the animation studio's The Good Dinosaur.

According to Blue Sky Disney, Lasseter has "taken Bob Peterson off the film, and is attempting to still meet the 2014 release date." They further claim that Pixar is "hopeful that another director will be able to bring the project back in to better focus as the story wasn't coming together. The meteor that killed the dinosaurs hasn't yet destroyed this film, but it has put it in jeopardy."

No word yet if Peter Sohn, who was co-directing the film with Peterson, remains involved.

Disney, Pixar's parent company, had not yet responded to IGN's request for comment, confirmation or denial by time of publish.


If true, this wouldn't be the first Pixar movie to face director changes and creative overhauls before the film's release. Toy Story 2, Ratatouille, Cars 2, and Brave all had very highly publicized behind-the-scenes drama, none of which hurt them at the box office.

Pixar-Disney recently showcased The Good Dinosaur at the D23 Expo. The voice cast includes Lucas Neff as the main character, a dinosaur named Arlo, John Lithgow and Frances McDormand as Arlo’s parents, and Bill Hader, Neil Patrick Harris and Judy Greer as Arlo's siblings.

The Good Dinosaur is slated for release May 30, 2014.

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