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Comic Book Reviews for 6/5/13

This week, the Green Lantern franchise ushered in a brand new era after the conclusion of Geoff Johns' run, the beloved series Astro City returned under the Vertigo banner, and Harper Row continued to seemingly be primed as the next person to take up the Robin mantle.

At Marvel, Kick-Ass 3 launched as Daredevil got his share of awesomeness with the conclusion of End of Days and the launch of Dark Nights.

[Editor's Note: Reviews for Thor: The Dark World Prelude #1 and Trinity of Sin: Phantom Stranger #9 will be added later.]

We continued to enlist IGN All-Stars to review the weekly Comixology Submit releases -- Comixology's self-publishing platform featuring oodles of great indie comics -- so you should check that out here.

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Action Comics #21

Written by Tony Daniel | Art by Tony Daniel

"For a brief moment, it seemed as though DC had found just the writer to follow up Grant Morrison's Action Comics run and maintain this series as the one bright point in the Superman lineup. That was, until Diggle departed prematurely and artist Tony Daniel took over as writer too. The dip in quality from issue #19 to issue #20 was plainly evident. The dip is even worse in issue #21. This finale is an abrupt, anticlimactic finish to what seemed like a promising storyline." -Jesse

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Astro City #1

Written by Kurt Busiek | Art by Brent Eric Anderson

"Over the past several months, DC has rolled out a number of projects that were intended to be published through the now defunct Wildstorm imprint. Perhaps the most eagerly anticipated of these projects is Kurt Busiek and Brent Anderson's Astro City, a continuation of their long-running superhero saga. With the property having already bounced between Image, Homage, and Wildstorm, what's one more publisher among friends?" -Jesse

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Batwing #21

Written by Justin Gray & Jimmy Palmiotti | Art by Eduardo Pansica

"Lucas Fox had a less than auspicious inaugural outing as Batwing in last month's issue, but this time, writers Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray show us that our eponymous hero is more than just a pale imitation of the snarky Bats that came before. We pick up where we left off, with a rookie Batwing having his derriere handed to him by a six-legged leonine villain (it's what all the cool kids are doing). After a prolonged action sequence, packed with some quotable quips, Gray and Palmiotti bring Lucas back to Gotham. And that's where things start to get interesting." -Melissa

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Detective Comics #21

Written by John Layman | Art by Scot Eaton

"With Emperor Penguin (or the Pharaoh of Blackgate or whatever insane moniker he has now) behind bars, Batman finds himself surrounded by several ladies with their own agendas. In Detective Comics #21, writer John Layman reintroduces a few old friends back into the fold, while teasing his readers with hints about Harper Row's future as a crime-fighting caped crusader." -Melissa

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Earth 2 #13

Written by James Robinson | Art by Yildiray Cinar

"With Steppenwolf inciting war and Khan doing all he can to uncover the mystery of the fire pits while also dealing with his indignant superiors, Earth 2 ought to be rife with excitement and tension. Unfortunately, it plays out more like a history lesson. The kind you got in fifth grade that was reason to hold your head up with your arm for fear of falling asleep." -Joshua

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Green Arrow #21

Written by Jeff Lemire | Art by Andrea Sorrentino

"Green Arrow #21 is probably the best issue of this series to date. It's an issue that gives us the answers we have been waiting for since Jeff Lemire and Andrea Sorrentino took over a few months ago. Finally, there's a sense of direction; a sense of purpose. More than what came before, this feels like a new starting point and a change in status quo. This issue will leave you excited for more." -Ben

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Green Lantern #21

Written by Robert Venditti | Art by Billy Tan

"With Geoff Johns’ 9-year run on Green Lantern given a definitive ending only two weeks ago, it definitely feels strange to get the next chapter with a new creative team so soon. But in the spirit of James Bond and Batman, it’s always fun to see the next iteration of a beloved character. Robert Venditti takes on the task and delivers a solid start, although not one without a few flaws. Luckily, with Billy Tan on art duties, it all looks spectacular." -Joshua

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The Movement #2

Written by Gail Simone | Art by Freddie Williams II

"Now that introductions have been taken care of, the second issue of The Movement brings us a metric ton of action. Writer Gail Simone still had a few characters up her sleeve, and she weaves them into the existing cast while moving the plot forward at a brisk pace. We get to see deeper into The Movement's organization -- how it's structured, how they operate -- while learning that nothing ever comes easy in a democracy. The seemingly de facto leader, Virtue, struggles to maintain her authority while balancing her own moral compass and the disparate views of her comrades in arms." -Melissa

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Swamp Thing #21

Written by Charles Soule | Art by Jesus Saiz

"With Swamp Thing #21, Charles Soule proves that he is a name to watch out for in mainstream comics. He just 'gets' Swamp Thing, and given how complicated the character can be, that is impressive. By channeling Alec Holland’s unique voice and putting him up against conflicts that only Swamp Thing can solve, he shows his understanding of the character while giving us one heck of a story." -Joshua

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